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Qualifications: RYT-500






Background: Born and raised in Hong Kong and the City of Angels, Betsy loved the notion of movement from a young age. She was a performing traditional Chinese folk dancer, with certification from the Beijing Dance Academy of China, and was captain of her school's volleyball team and an active member of the badminton team. With two higher education degrees, one in Communication from the United States, and the other in Creative Writing from the United Kingdom, Betsy is fascinated with the study of human connections and emotions, and how the power of the written word and nonverbal cues could change ones perception of life. 


What does yoga mean to Betsy? Betsy discovered yoga as a healing mechanism when she was injured during one of her dance exams, which rendered her unfit for future performances and vigorous sports. She believes that yoga is a philosophy and practical method that could strengthen the body, mind, and spirit while developing flexibility, finding more clarity, and connecting with the inner self. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her journey and knowledge of yoga with her students.


What to Expect from Betsy’s Classes? A compassionate artist with a bi-coastal heritage, Betsy fuses her classes with creativity, grace, and an emphasis on proper alignment, offering her students a feeling of deep relaxation and bliss by the end of every practice.

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