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Betsy is a wonderful instructor! She has a soothing voice that just makes you feel so calm and at ease while flowing through the sequence. Her instructions are well explained, and she walks around to correct your form so that you are doing the pose correctly. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my yoga class with her. An hour went by too quick. Looking forward to the next! Also, she’s so lovely to talk to. You can tell how passionate and knowledgeable she is about yoga. Thanks again Betsy!


I am so impressed with Betsy’s deep knowledge of yoga and her teaching method. I am a beginner, but she was very patient with me and gradually guided me to work on different poses. The classes have always been enjoyable and surely provides a chance for me to improve myself physically and mentally.


I’m not a sporty person and I have never tried yoga prior to attending my first yoga class with Betsy. She is very patient and professional. She knows the exact position to challenge a beginner and will adjust according to your level. I didn’t feel discouraged and have been able to continue at a comfortable pace. I’m looking forward to joining more of her classes.


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